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Spot X Massage Oil - Experts Only


Trusted and tested by massage therapists, our Spot X serum targets and relieves the body’s deepest knots and muscle pains using a powerful mix of all-natural ingredients. Healing oils like St. John’s Wort and Capsaicin work naturally to heat muscle tissue, stimulate blood circulation, and promote muscle recovery. Commonly used during sports massage, this blend of potent ingredients is ideal for athletes with chronic sore muscles or those under constant physical stress.

Caution: Spot X is a spot treatment, not intended for full body massage. Avoid contact with sensitive areas of the body, especially the eyes. Wash your hands repeatedly after use and scrub well. Includes capsaicin (hot pepper) component.

- Bottled in the USA
- 2 oz. 

St. John Worts Oil (USA), Lavender Essential Oil (Bulgaria), Cajeput Essential Oil (Southeast Asia), Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Australia), Balsam Poplar Essential Oil (Canada), Sweet Birch Essential Oil (United Kingdom), White Wildcrafted Fir Needle Essential Oil (Austria), Plai Essential Oil (Thailand), Helichrysum Essential Oil (France), Capsaicin (USA), Tocopherol T-70 (USA), Sweet Almond Oil (USA), Grapeseed Oil (Italy), Jojoba wax (USA)