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The Soothe Collection

Jason Cai

Posted on July 06 2018


Now there’s no end to your post-massage bliss

As the world’s leading in-home massage service, we believe there’s no better place to unwind than in the comfort of your own home. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring relaxing massage to 60+ cities around the world with our team of 11,000+ expert massage therapists.

Now, we’ve made it even easier to experience ultimate relaxation at home with the Soothe Collection, our exclusive line of spa-inspired products. Crafted by the experiences of our clients and therapists, this collection is designed to bring you the same calming and rejuvenating benefits as our in-home massages so you can continue to relax anytime, anywhere.


Aromatherapy enhances the massage experience by invigorating the senses and creating a truly immersive state of relaxation. Soothe candles are designed to calm or energize using naturally-infused aromas, while the warm glow transforms any room into a spa oasis.

Our latest addition, the Blackberry Forest candle, will renew your vibrancy with bursts of fresh blackberry and warm amber. Designed and created in-house with your relaxation in mind, our Blackberry Forest candle will carry you into a summer of endless serenity with every strike of your match.

Skin and Body

Infused with natural essential oils and luxuriously hydrating formulas, the skin and body collection is expertly crafted to deliver the same relaxing aromatherapy benefits of in-home massage anywhere you go, with effective lotions, oils, and balms that hydrate and nourish the skin.

Massage Oil

In creating our massage oil collection, we sourced the world's finest essential oils to create a perfectly blended, luxuriously smooth oil for every massage. Crafted with nutrient-rich oils, including ylang-ylang from Madagascar and wildcrafted juniper berry from Croatia, you can tailor your in-home spa experience to include your favorite scents.  

Linens and Garments

True relaxation begins with the finer details. Even the softness of the linens and the warm comfort of a perfect spa robe can bring you to a place of calmness long before the massage begins. Envelop yourself in the same spa-quality comfort at home with Soothe linens and garments, and make any space feel like your personal oasis.

Gift Cards

Not all gift cards are created equal. Give your loved one the gift of ultimate relaxation with a Soothe gift card that allows them to enjoy a spa-quality massage anytime, anywhere. Send a perfectly packaged gift card in the mail or purchase a Soothe Massage E-Gift Card that can be sent straight to their inbox.

By hand-selecting the finest quality linens, the most effective skin and body formulas, and sourcing aromatherapeutic blends from around the world, we created an in-home spa experience that helps you pamper, indulge, and reach new levels of in-home relaxation.

Explore the Soothe Collection today and turn your next Soothe massage into a perfectly tailored spa experience.

Jason Cai
VP of Strategy